Konak Khaliff

Formed when the first tears of Salenea fell on Gondoril


Konak Khaliff, The Salt of Salenea, God’s Tears, Place of God, Salenea’s Sadness

Believed to be formed when the first tears of Salenea fell on Gondoril. This living stone grew over millenia gaining strength and followers. Now, as powerful as a lesser God he is revered among the Earth Elementals, and other natural or primitive Inhabitants of the Steppes of the Khaliff. Druids, Shamans, Alchemists, Rangers number among his flock.

Dark Magic was absorbed by the Khaliff when the 13 cities fell. Though not evil, this darkness fueled Konak’s rage.

In the year Konak was released by The Redeemers when they destroyed the gem controlling him. When the Khaliff heard of the once lush forest of Ceb becoming desert he wept forming the Amara t’Redentur, River of the Redeemers.

He granted them an Orb of Life, rest, and Elemental Water


Konak Khaliff

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