In 6450 BR (Before Record) an ancient race first appeared on Gondoril beginning the first age, the Age of Stone. Their origins are unknown, but they are the first race to set foot on Gondoril. They are likely primitive compared to the current state of their race. This age lasted for more than 7000 years. Lack of proper records make this time cloudy; archeologists strive to fill the gaps. The people are now known as the Ewwelnees

In 4300 BR the Ancients, had advanced greatly in intelligence and power began construction of a city on the northern tip of Saranak. Some time after the city was complete the Ancients vanish. Dragons flourished at this point, and with the disappearance of the Ancients thus ended the first age and began the second age; the Age of Dragons.

In 2150 BR Man started to make his mark on the world, crawling from primitive tribes to build empires. The old races watch them with wonder at their determination and fear of their destructive nature. History moved from the memories of dragons, dwarves, and elves to the written page of man. The first library was built by the Gantai in the city of G’gantia pronounced [ɡæn’tiːə] on the island of Saranak. The words of making are stolen from the gods; thus began the third age, the age of magic

In year 1 AR (After Record), year 1 of the third age history tells of a great ancient dragon of shadow; the Great Shadow Dragon. The people of G’gantia fought him off many times. His attacks were brief and the time between them long. Insanity taunted the old beast, however, and the mere mention of his name brought death. The “unspoken fear” that threatened all life in his realm.

In year 1099 AR, 1099 of the third age the great shadow dragon lost his mind completely. He lashed out even at the written page. History from before this time is for the most part lost but historians say he destroyed the library in Gantai in order to eradicate all note of his name. The “bla isem biża” devoured all life on the island of Saranak. Only the tower remained in the city and the forbidden forest remained in the south. Then the great dragon was gone, some say he met his match and was struck down. Other people say he devoured himself to remove all trace of himself from the world. The dwarves remained safe in their holes and would speak none of it. Thus ended the First Shadow War

In year 1099 AR, 1099 of the third age word spread of the destruction and the dragons were hunted for the crimes of the Great Shadow Dragon. Artifacts were built and defenses bolstered, the other kingdoms shuddered at the thought of such a fate. Man embraced magic and travelled again to Saranak; The 13 great cities of Ceb fall.

In 1451 AR year 1451 of the third age Baba Yaga appeared in the realm. She became known first, mostly in children stories and legend. She called the Forbidden Forest home and none dared disturb her. Druids, trees, and the spirits of the land called her Grandmother. The fearful called her witch. She stuck to herself and was not active in the world as far as is recorded. The Words of Making are lost

In 1771 AR year 1771 of the third age, Magus Furion Arcane found the Tower now known as, the College of Wizardry. The ancient druids called it The Tower of the Bear. Magus Furion found the L-Ewwel Kelma; a powerful language when mixed with arcane incantations can enhance the power of the spells. He founds the college and invites pupils to study there. Lords and Ladies of Talnor, capital of Saranak send there children there to become sorcerers. Magic is embraced and loved.

In 1787 AR year 1787 of the third age, Nolan a necromancer of average skill but an excess determination performed evil experiments within the halls of G’gantia. He stumbled upon the old laboratory of Magus Durasus, another necromancer who had been expelled from the tower. Death and decay were now his playthings. This was against the rules of the order.

In 1789 AR year 1789 of the third age, Magus Furion Arcane, the then headmaster of the school, came upon Nolan in this dark laboratory and confronted him. Nolan fled and as he did he stole a fragment of the powerful artifact known as Il Sors from G’gantia. He secreted this piece, along with Durasus’ plans of creating a school of necromancy, to the east. There he founded Torri ta ’dellijiet, the College of Shadows. He built upon ancient ruins in the middle of a swamp.

In 1799 AR year 1799 of the third age, Nolan’s plans for the fragment of Il-Sors were finally realized. He put his hatred and malice toward Magus Furion as well as his love for death into the fragment. He formed the Eye of Orcus. This new deadly creation sent pulses of negative energy across the island. Small at first, these pulses began slowly killing all living things they touched. The only thing that countered this threat was the remaining fragment of Il-Sors. It was used to fashion an item called the Sun Disc. This protected G’gantia and its inhabitants from the pulses of negative energy. Beings of shadow and undead abominations started to plague the land. Those with foresight and self preservation began a pilgrimage to G’gantia. The city became a haven for all living things requiring sanctuary. All hopes rested in a group of adventurers. Ornitek the Red, Arnenon, Lloyd Lightfinger, Kavek Torale, Norfindle, and Sarafina all swore to push back the darkness.

In 1799 AR year 1799 of the third age, the 6 heroes vanished from record. The island of Saranak was overcome by darkness. The Second Shadow War begins and Nolan raised to him a group of 5 generals led by Kragnor the bloody, an ogre-fiend with an insatiable hunger for blood and death. Kragnor and the 5 cut a swath across Saranak. Lady Muurn of the Obsidian Horn, Karnol Lord of Blood, Puissant the Pestilent, Brath Lord of Flesh, and Salia Lady of Beasts cut a swath across Saranak and pushed toward G’gantia. Kragnor had a thirst for power that could not be quenched. He brought to him 3 more generals to protect him and do his bidding Nanaag the Wretched, Nagan the Devourer, and Delgaz the Hungerer.

In 2150 AR year 2150 of the third age Kragnor began worship of an ancient evil; Malicent, Lord of death, chaos, destruction, evil and madness. Thus began year 1 of the fourth age;The age of shadows.

In 2162 AR year 12 of the fourth age Magus Furion dies. Talnor, capital of Saranak, is put under siege by demon hordes and falls; G’gantia becomes the new capital.

In 2250 AR year 100 of the fourth age 5 of the 6 heroes returned not a day older than when they left. The cleric Sarafina did not return. She was apparently injured in their fight to get back to Saranak and succumbed to her wounds. The group would not speak of her. They would only mutter, “…she is at peace…”

In 2252 AR year 102 of the fourth age, The heroes fought there way into the college of shadows destroying it in a major explosion causing Qasma Dell. Kragnor betrays Nolan and allows heroes to kill him. It was rumored the “Heart of Orcus” was destroyed. Though victorious over evil the shadows were not pushed back and a generation was raised in darkness. The king was killed and Arnenon took over stewardship of Saranak. The city of G’gantia grew and flourished. Thus ended the Second Shadow War but not the Age of Shadows.

In 2266 AR year 116 of the fourth age Arnenon’s son Aaron marries Lucia Walford, and in the same year their son Rör is born. Lucia does not survive the childbirth.

In 2268 AR year 118 of the fourth age Aaron marries the war widow Maryth Kinney and takes her 4 year old son Morgrith as his own.

In 2270 AR year 120 of the fourth age Maryth gives birth to Tressium. Maryth shares the same fate as Lucia and does not survive childbirth. Aaron once again loses a wife and gains a son. He never remarries.

In 2282 AR year 132 of the fourth age, demon hordes began to sweep across the world. The heroes of old were long gone. Arnenon’s son Aaron was now steward to the crown and a new group of heroes rose up to again challenge the darkness. Jonus Sunstrider, Torok, Sousuke, Kindora, and Leaf gathered together the people of Saranak and the pilgrims of the eight Kingdoms to fight a war that could have been their last. Morgrith takes up study at the College of Wizardry.

In 2283 AR year 133 of the fourth age,The heroes found the last surviving descendant of the throne, King Arus Bearheart, and fought by his side. The battle raged for days and the heroes were victorious but their king is lost. King Arus’ body is never found. The fractured artifact, Il Sors was reforged and the demons were pushed back. Grandmother swept in and disposed of the evil artifacts used by the hordes. Once the steward to the crown, King Aaron Semit took the throne. The sun shone once more on the Shadowlands. Thus ended the Third Shadow War

In 2284 AR year 134 of the fourth age, Jonus Sunstrider brought more followers to Phoebus in this time than any cleric before him. Phoebus’ new found patronage of G’gantia angered Boccob, Wee Jas, and Vecna and enraged many of their followers. The Burning Hand was formed in order to push the followers of Phoebus from the city. The Arcane Dissolution Society opposed them and the great struggle for power that followed would tear Saranak apart. Thus began the Age of Conflict.

In 2285 AR year 135 of the fourth age, King Aaron declares his intent to rebuild Talnor. This news is received by great fanfare.

In 2286 AR year 136 of the fourth age, The North Road, that will lead to New Talnor is well under construction, but is halted by the news that King Aaron has died at 36. Prince Morgrith 24, Prince Rōr 20, and Prince Tressium 16 vie for power. The princes split. Prince Rör continues his fathers pursuit of rebuilding the capital of Talnor. His stepbrother Prince Morgrith Begins a campaign to bring order to the badlands thus beginning a conflict with the barbarian tribes. Their Half-brother Prince Tressium heads south by ship to oversee the construction of a new city. Each brother silently builds their power and influence and a bloodless civil war begins. The Rörian, Morgrithian and Tressian empires are formed.

In 2293 AR year 142 of the fourth age, Plague hits the Rōrian empire. Many die as the high priests of every faith rally to save Prince Rör and his nobles. The following people contract plague as well as hundreds of citizens.

Marius Arcane
Krell Bryn
Guldan Roth
Grealle Pron
Magatha Sylvas
Marley Quinn
Jackson Olin
Fynn Milan
Prince Rör Semit
Captain Ferth
They all survive but the prince is not the same. The high priests of Obad Hai, Garl Glittergold, Phoebus, and Heironeous die. Earl Grimes innkeeper of The Shining Eye dies as does, Marcus Lloyd of The Flickering Candle, Brad Hax of The Buxom Blonde, and Jack Salt of The Drunken Sailor.

Morgrithia suffers a landslide as excavation of Torri ta ’dellijiet begins.

History Skipped

In 2295 AR year 144 of the fourth age, The Gantai return to G’gantia and lay claim to the tower. An assasination attempt was made on Magatha Sylvas and her betrothed Leoben Greymane flies into a rage. The mysteriously powerful child Rebecca panics and seemingly possessed rips the College of Wizardry from the earth. It floats away to the Northeast over the ocean. As if linked in some way the College of Shadows is pulled from its watery grave and also floats above the earth. The heroes enter Torri ta ’dellijiet and fight hard. Darwin is killed. Nolan Morthinian and Malicent are defeated. Prince Morgrith denies involvement in the war. King Arus Bearheart remains in Morgrithia to help rebuild.

In 2309 AR year 158 of the fifth age, The Walsh children are stolen from their beds by goblins in the town of Erickson’s Ford


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