In the beginning there was a void. In this void the Great Dragon Io slept for ages. He dreamt of things as they should be. O’ha His mate, in melancholy, whispered into his ear wanting a child. He did not wake. As O’ha whispered, Io dreamed of creation. A light shone in the darkness; because this is what He gave Her when she asked for a child she named him Helion.

This moment began the first day, Sonsday. Helion then dimmed and another unexpected reflection of her Son shone in the darkness; Helion’s twin, so named Salenea. O’ha loved Salenea, but also mourned the absence of her Sun Helion.

O’ha’s melancholy grew and she slept for a time. Salenea feared her parents did not love her and wandered about listlessly in their slumber. When the She-Dragon awoke, She again whispered into the ear of her mate.

“Please return my Helion and Salenea to me”

At this, Helion bathed O’ha in warmth and She was happy, but Salenea did not come. Salenea, being up while her family was in slumber, slept. Thus ended the first night. Helion was lonely as Salenea slept and O’ha did not want to wake her, she again whispered into her mates ear.

A beautiful marbled orb formed, covered in beautiful landscapes of Stone and Earth. Helion shone bright on the orb for a time, and love it. He gazed at it for a time marveling in its features and so named the orb Gondoril, “Shining land of Stone” when He again tired he dimmed. O’ha, slept. Salenea awoke from her slumber and stared with unblinking jealousy and sadness at the orb her parents gave their Helion. Salenea wept, her tears fell upon Gondoril soaking the earth and filling the trenches and groves with her tears. It was then that the stone and earth gained life from Salenea’s Sadness, mountains formed as the Gondoril itself reached out to her. The trees, grass, and all the growing things on Gondoril sprouted. The lush green lands were beautiful. Gondoril stayed with her and gazed at her as she moved across the sky. As she wept, seeing what she had done to the orb, she feared the wrath of Helion and O’ha and fled to hide behind Gondoril. Gondoril, feeling sadness for Salenea, hid her as best he could.

Thus ended the second day so called Moonday because Salenea fled and hid.

As Salenea the moon hid, O’ha and Helion observed the waters and mountains on Gondoril. They thought Salenea had put them there to please them. They decided it was good. They named the strongest mountain Konak Khaliff and told him of his mother, Salenea. They talked into the night and slept well. O’ha was so excited to see what Her Salenea would have for them the next day that she dreamt of the dawn. She spoke in her sleep and Theus was born, so called because she came as O’ha dreamed of the dawn.

Thus ended the third day, so called Theusday because the Theus was born at dawn.

As they slept, Salenea in her loneliness decided to trick Io into giving her playthings as well. She was too frightened to ask O’ha and so Salenea whispered into Io’s unending dreams pretending to be her mother.

“Please my love, give me a plaything for our daughter the moon. She is so lonely while we sleep.”

Salenea was overjoyed as another orb began to form before her. She called the orb Astarion. She was so happy that she did not hear her mother O’ha awaken. O’ha enraged by this betrayal cast her breath upon Astarion and he was dashed into enumerable pieces. These pieces glowed hot with the fury of O’ha and would never cool, forever reminding Salenea of her deceit. Salenea in her sadness called the Fragments of Astarion, Stars.

That night, among the stars, Helion thought of his treasure and wished protect Gondoril. The next morning, Solari, Limerig, and Bahaar were born. Solari watched over Gondoril and all the green growing things reached out to him. Limerig created the living, and crawling things of the land. Bahaar created the swimming, water breathing creatures of the sea. The day was long and though Salenea hid behind Him, She new of the new inhabitants of Gondoril. She wished for creations of her own.

Thus ended the fourth day, so call Wardensday because Gondoril’s first guardians came into existence this day.

Salenea’s burning desire for, and jealousy of her sibling’s creations seeped into the void. That night the Malicent was born. Salenea was fearful of what She created, She knew her child was created from jealousy and hatred. She whispered to the Stars to warn her siblings of Her treachery. She shone Her brightest and did not hide that night. She shone Her light into the darkness, in order to bring the dark God’s deeds to light. The waters cheered her courage and rose up, it was then the tides were created.

For the first time when Helion and O’ha awoke Salenea was there with Theus to greet them in full. Helion shone across the sky. Salenea shone back but dimmed as she grew tired. They all shone bright that day and as their love and happiness reflected off of the seas and mountains and lands, dragons were born. Because Helion, Theus, and Salenea glowed so brightly Dragons were strong, intelligent, and magical. Their beauty was unmatched by all of the creations. The dragons mirrored all of the virtues of the sun moon and dawn. Brass for camaraderie, Bronze for Justice, Copper for quality and whimsy, Gold for virtue, and Silver for courage and chivalry. In the magic of this moment Maylion was born, She stood then as the warden of magic and dragons.

Thus ended the fifth day, so called Dragonsday because of the birth of the race of dragons.

That night in anger Malicent, born of Salenea’s jeaousy and hatred, created his own dragons. Black for cruelty, fear and decay; blue for lies and deceit; green for envy and conflict; red for chaos, rage, ruin and death; white for wrath, revenge, and murder. He sent them to terrorize and destroy all that was good.

Salenea, her anger and jeaousy purged, finally was proud to shine through the night knowing her brother and sister had so much love for her.

The next dawn before Theus woke her brother. She thought about the love of her parents and a the desire to create children to love her. Dinea was born, so called because of her love for family. Soon followed Cutilka the Godess of the Elves and Nanoi, God of Dwarves. It was then that the Elves and Goblins and Dwarves were born. The other races followed late in the day. Helion watched with joy at the freedom His children had.

Thus ended the sixth day, so called Dineasday because of the fertility of the Gods.

On the seventh day the Gods of Gondoril and the void rested. They gathered and rejoiced in all they created. Creus came and taught the races to grow food and had them bring gifts and sacrifices to their parents. The Gods were pleased.

Thus ended the seventh day, so called Harvestday because of the harvest offered to the Gods and the new crop to be planted on Sonsday


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