Tribal Challenges part II

written by Cerena Hammerstorm

We are surrounded by six Bullette and are prepared to sell our lives dearly, when suddenly the monsters bow to us and leave us all stunned. We are told that we have passed the challenges placed before us and we are now of the djinn as long as we remain in the desert lands. During the celebration after our glorious victory who should appear but Guh the never-full alive and well, which Cerena is extremely grateful for for she felt the injustice of his death most keenly. We were seeking allies and decided that his prowess could be a wonderful asset to our cause. But in order to be accepted he would have to under go a most arduous challenge, he must survive the flames. The challenge was at it’s simplest to survive being baked alive over a bed of hot coals. I for one would not like to go through that one again and even though they are gone I still feel a twinge of pain occasionally from the blisters I healed on my feet and legs. The party decided to travel to the closest market in order to resupply and sell some of our treasures. Unfortunately it was many days away, so being the daring adventurers we are we traveled by giant Roc to the market town…


Proficuus Proficuus

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